Rebecca is a freelance photographer based in Brooklyn, NY, most noted for her interior design, culinary and lifestyle photography. 

For as long as she can remember, she's always chosen the scenic route, compelled to stop and document every detail of the journey along the way. A born anthropologist - trying to fully understand cultures and subcultures is what she thrives on. Capturing those threads that, no matter how small, are crucial in weaving a visual story together, is what she enjoys most. When not paving the way to convey how a place or space can make you feel, she admires the inherently beautiful lines of mid-century design, and getting lost in both nature and music.

Originally from Connecticut, Rebecca grew up spending much of her life in Croatia, France and Italy. She ultimately landed in Philadelphia for college, where she graduated from the University of Pennsylvania, getting a BA in Communications & Media, French and Italian. After an initial career in marketing and brand strategy in Los Angeles and New York, she decided to switch gears and follow her lifelong talent and passion to pursue photography full-time.

You can find her continuously exploring the city she calls home, or traveling by land and by sea, for work and for pleasure. 

To work together, or just to say hello, you can e-mail her at rebecca@rebeccapollak.com